Solo Surf Classes


Are you just learning surfing for the first time? Or are you looking for advanced skills or technique to add to a solid base? If your answer is yes to either question, our solo classes are for you!  Call or text (939) 401-7772 now to make an appointment! 

1 hour class = $60 

90 minute class = $100

Group intro Surf Classes


Do you want to learn to surf, but aren’t quite confident enough to do it alone? We can now accommodate group classes of five or more for $250 ($50/head)! Call or text (939) 401-7772 to reserve! 


Surf trips

Ready for a half day in the surf? I’ll take you to wherever the best waves are in Puerto Rico and include transportation, lunch, and a snack as well! Location and price varies based on ocean conditions. Call or text (939) 401-7772 for more info! 


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