While the business of Flow Surf Lessons was originally Coach Cano’s dream of teaching surfing, he has slowly been expanding options over time as we frequently get asked «What else can we do around here?» We believe the southeast coast of Puerto Rico to be the most beautiful part of the island full of endless outdoor activities and can’t wait to share it with you!


Learn to polespear for invasive species

Coach Maggie has spent her whole life on the water, but really loves the idea of conservation and stewardship to improve the quality of plant and animal species on the local reef. This is why she teaches people the traditional techniques of freediving and polespearing to clean the highly invasive lionfish out of the waters here. Did you know that lionfish can produce up to 50,000 eggs every three days for their entire lives after reaching maturity in around a year of age? This fish is native to Asian waters but was introduced around the late 80s/early 90s to the Atlantic from the aquarium trade in Florida. They have quickly overtaken most local fish populations and will eat ANYTHING that will fit in their mouth. Not only does this decimate local fishes, but it hurts the coral and other plants and animals that have symbiotic relationships with local fish. Maggie will teach you how to humanely hunt them, clean them carefully (around up to 18 venomous spines that hurt like fire!), and then eat them in tacos or ceviche because they happen to also be delicious! For more info about lionfish, click here!

$75 for 2+ hours, includes cleaning your catch if you want to eat them. Watershirt/rashguards or reef safe sunscreen only – Maggie will provide if you do not have either of those. 

Hiking Tours:

Infinity pools & Waterfall hike, $100/pp: 
Age 15 and up. 3 hour trip – this hike is one of the more difficult in the Patillas area, but with some of the greatest rewards.  Prepare to hike an hour each way and enjoy 30mins to an hour at a gorgeous waterfall and the beautiful infinity pools of Patillas that overlook the valley. Hikers need to wear good hiking boots or rock/water shoes and prepare for slippery mud with steep elevation changes. Hikers will need to use permanently installed ropes to assist climbing at three short spots on the trail so I do not recommend this trail if you have any chronically painful joint injuries. Bring water, I will provide a selection of local fruits when we get to the waterfall. You will meet me at a pin location in your car.  No bug repellant, reef safe sunscreen only, but not necessary as the entire trail is shaded by the forest. No dogs. 
Survivor waterfall hangout trip, $50/pp:
Age 7 and up. Short but mildly strenuous 15 minute hike to a local waterfall about a 20 minute drive from the town of Patillas or 30 mins from the beaches.  This is more of a quick hike to enjoy hanging out by a beautiful 25ft waterfall surrounded by rocky cliffs for a couple of hours. Includes either a 6-pack of an alcoholic beverage or juice plus some fresh local fruit. Fun rock ledge to jump from, several wading pools to choose from and a couple of deeper swimming holes. You will meet me at the pin location in your car.  Bring your own reef safe sunscreen, no bug repellant. Water shoes required to protect feet from sharp rocks. Active dogs ok on leash, but not a great trip for senior pups if they have hip/knee issues due to short climbs and narrow rocks.
Charco Azul hike, $40/pp:
Fairly easy hike, but not completely flat (Level 1.5). About 2 hours, drive is about 30 mins from the beaches of Patillas and I’ll provide a pin for you to meet me. Hike crosses a small stream and river, ends in a swimming hole with a small waterfall. Popular with locals so expect to see others on the trail. Bring your own water and reef safe sunscreen. No bug repellant. Dogs ok on leash.
Punto Viento hike, $40/pp:
Easy, flat, good for all ages and abilities (Level 1).  Dogs ok on leash. About 2 hours, right around 2 miles round trip. Experience both a Caribbean marine forest ecosystem and the beach ecosystem.  I’ll introduce you to lots of plants and animals and there is a natural pool at the end where you can take a dip. In Patillas. Bring your own water, reef safe sunscreen, and snacks, though I will introduce you to some of our edible plants. May see turtle nests or manatees in the summer on this trip. Meet in the parking lot of the balneario de Patillas. 
****Survivor waterfall and Infinity Pool trip are subject to weather and preferred to be morning trips – if there is rain in the mountains the day we plan to go, this trip will be canceled and you will receive a full refund. The mountainous areas of Puerto Rico are prone to «golpes» which are potentially fatal, instantaneous flash floods that can happen during or even after rain. These two trips also require waiver signatures and guests will be expected to follow guide directions without argument – if I determine we need to leave for safety reasons before at least half the trip is complete, a partial refund will be available OR we will plan a makeup date with you. 
Payments accepted in cash, ATH Movil, Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, CashApp. If you need transportation for any of these trips. let us know when you book!